Option for Buyers in Today's Seller's Market -

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You've probably heard by now that we are currently in a strong seller's market. This is great for all the sellers out there, but the shortage of homes, on the market has made house hunting a little tricky and competitive for buyers.
One possible solution to consider is building your own home. If you're not familiar with modular homes, don't feel bad, neither were we! Here are some interesting facts about modular homes;

-Modular homes are built in an indoor, climate-controlled factory setting, so are often better constructed than some homes built outside in the elements
-They're often referred to as "systems-built," "factory-built," or "prefab" homes
-Modular homes are permanent structures, so they are "real property" and as such qualify for the same financing terms, rates and conditions as traditional site-built homes
-Each home undergoes a rigorous quality control inspection before it leaves the factory
-Walk-through inspections are conducted with the homeowner to ensure complete satisfaction
-Homes carry a 10 year structural warranty and 1-year service warranty, including final drywall repairs
-Homes can be completed in 4-6 months, much faster than traditional site-built homes

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